Welcome, my name is Natasha, and as a yoga teacher, my goal is to help you return to your best self.

 You might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed, but you are good at pushing it aside. Because you are strong. Maybe you're a mother, a woman who can do it all.

You often think about starting to do something for yourself, because you do so much for others. But, you are tired, busy and don't have the time

Here is how I can help you...

Just one hour is all it might take, to move your body and still your mind. 

In each class I share with you the ancient teachings of yoga, how to connect with your mind and body. So that you can take back control over your wellbeing, physically and mentally. You will then have the tools to keep yourself balanced and grounded throughout the week.

Situated in Welwyn Garden City, I offer empowering yoga classes online and in person. These classes combine traditional teachings with a modern pulse. I have a strong passion for optimum wellness and share my knowledge of holistic health and nutrition alongside each class. This allows you the opportunity to start a complete transformation, mind, body and spirit.

So, are you ready to make a change? Contact me



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