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During 2015 I was working a high pressure job, travelling constantly and living out of a suitcase. I was very overwhelmed and lost, that is until I came to yoga, ready to be healed. Yoga allowed me to access ancient techniques that enabled me to move through this beautiful life with empowerment, balance and happiness. I was finally able to discover my best self. After having my children yoga allowed me to embrace my body, and calm my mind in a time that is often full of challenges, where many women loose their identity. Then, during the last year and the global challenges of 2020, yoga was always something that helped me feel in control and safe. Time and time again, yoga keeps me grounded.

The school in which I received my teacher training Himalaya Yoga Valley is very thorough. I studied Ashtanga yoga, meditation and also have knowledge in Ayurveda and western wellness. I am proud to offer my students an experience that is transformative and well rounded in all areas of wellbeing. I have the ability to give each individual tools to carry with them for a lifetime

If I am able to help just one person through yoga, in the way it has helped me, then that is all I could wish to achieve.

This journey through life is never a simple one, but it can be a magnificent one. So whether you are here to just move your body, find inner peace, or something a bit different, lets go down that path together and get you started.

Your best self is waiting for you 

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