Are you ready to start your day with purpose, energy and power? Rise with the sun and feel your mind and body grow stronger during this Vinyasa style class. Each class closes with an empowering morning meditation to kick start your mind and body, helping you take control of the day ahead. 

Fridays 6AM via Zoom 


Are you new to yoga or looking to refresh and master the foundations?

In this six week yoga for beginners course you will be given a detailed step by step introduction to the basics of yoga. We will focus on breathing, alignment, posture and learning how to connect to our bodies.

At the end of the six weeks you will be left feeling empowered, balanced and strong. You will be prepared to move onto further yoga classes and will also receive a certificate upon completion.

Tuesdays 9.30AM Tewin Village Hall
This class is held in person at Tewin Village Hall in Welwyn Garden City but will also be avalaible on demand


The benefits of meditation can be incredible, from easing anxiety, reducing stress, increasing focus and clarity and allowing us to move through all of lifes challenges with ease.

This online mediation course is designed for beginners to help you establish your own meditation practice. We will cover everything from the philosophy and history of meditation, how to sit, breathe and explore the different types of meditation, so you can find what suits you best.

By the end of the 6 weeks you will be able to continue your meditation practice on your own, with confidence, knowledge and experience.

Sundays 8PM via Zoom
This 6 week course is available live on Zoom and also on demand


Take your health back into your own hands. This personalised workshop will allow you to learn your Dosha, body energy type, and how to nourish and thrive with your specific energy. Learn how to listen to what your body and mind need, and nourish yourself with holistic lifestyle practices.

There is no greater gift, than to live in a body that is nourished, balanced and well. Ayurveda teaches you to be your own healer, it is the path to true wellness and empowerment.

Date pending (will be live on Zoom and on demand)


Perfect for those who want a personalised look into their own journey with yoga and how they can advance and improve. Also, if you suffer with injuries or ailments, a one ot one session will give you the space to work on a yoga practice that is designed specifically to your mind and body.

 The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique helps you reconnect and rejuvenate your body. 

Please message me directly if you are interested in 1:1 classes so that we can discuss your goals and how to achieve your desired results together.


Corporate yoga has endless benefits for the individual, the team, and your business as a whole.

These classes are designed for all levels of experience and proven to reduce stress, promote positivity and improve overall wellbeing. They also help to eliviate physical ailments which could lead to increased productivity and workplace satisfaction.

By including yoga and meditation as a part of your company wellness sector, you are also able to build a stronger teams and confidence within your company.

Please message me directly to find out how we can work together and to receive information about the corporate packages I offer.