Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits. From increased focus to heightened flexibility, we all benefit differently from yoga.
Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what works for you.

Pilates Stretches


Slower paced deep stretches

Restore and Unwind is a restorative practice that focuses on moving slowly and taking deeper stretches. This gives you space to connect with your body but also giving you space for some mental relaxation. Perfect for anyone looking to feel rejuvenated and restored, but also for any runners or fitness enthusiasts who need a deep stretch

Iyengar Yoga


Be empowered by the beats

Sunrise Yoga Flow will encourage you to start your day with energy, positive movement and a powerful mindset. Dive deeper into your practice and natural movement. The focus is on the breath, and a special emphasis on moving with purpose. This is a popular one as it combines the traditional with modern music and energy leaving you empowered

Yoga Practice


The Joys of Yoga

Private Sessions are the perfect option for anyone looking to further their yoga journey. Whether you are a complete beginner and want to improve on your personal practice and master the basics, or someone who is already practicing and is looking to deepen there current skills, a private session can offer you the space to move, adjust and interact while on your own path. Also ideal for anyone with injuries, limitations or health concerns, we can design classes to specifically accommodate your needs.

Yoga at Home


The Joys of Yoga

Are you ready to take charge of your wellbeing? In this workshop you will learn how to read your body to gain optimum health. Ayurveda is the ancient wellness teachings of India, it promotes good health through lifestyle practices. Leave this workshop with the tools to take your wellbeing into your own hands and thrive.